Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consulting and Workplace Culture Assessments


Cader Adams LLP provides outside counseling to organizations committed to advancing the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion within their institutions. Our creative approach helps organizations to achieve and incorporate those goals into employment practices, institutional culture, and community engagement. In doing so, institutions can implement their stated values in a robust and ongoing way as they create an environment in which diverse talent can thrive.


We work with organizations that seek a forward-thinking approach to transform existing systems and policies through an equity lens while ensuring they are in full compliance with local, state and federal anti-discrimination laws, including Title VI, Title VII, and Title IX of the Civil Rights Act.  


Industry leaders in a variety of fields including entertainment, higher education, and global health have turned to us to seeking a range of services. These include conducting cultural assessments, creating innovative diversity incentive policies, reshaping existing compliance programs, and helping forge meaningful connections with constituents in their communities.  


As important is our experience in guiding institutions that take these bold steps in creating effective communications with internal and external audiences about the significance of the changes undertaken by the institution.  Not only do we help reach critical stakeholders, but we also advance narratives and messages that both convince skeptics and energize supporters. 


Throughout her career, Yasmin Cader has advised legal, governmental, non-profit, and corporate institutions on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Christine Adams has dedicated her career to ensuring gender equity through mentoring and the creation of meaningful opportunity.  Lauren Roberts works closely with corporate and non-profit organizations to help them view their operations through an equity lens.  Together, they bring unique practical perspectives to the issue, tapping decades of work to help transform institutions from the inside out. 

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We are a minority- and women-owned law firm that is committed to advancing the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our work, from employment practices to institutional culture and community engagement. We are certified by the National Minority Supplier Council and the Women's Business Enterprise National Council.